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There is one unwavering trait that links all of us here at Canna Solutions…we are fanatical about CBD. This passion has ultimately stemmed from the irrefutable evidence and enormous potential for this molecule to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people.

With this in mind, you can imagine our dismay when a well-known report was published that revealed shocking evidence of non-compliant and inaccurately labelled CBD products being sold into the UK and EU market.

The willingness of a handful of CBD market participants to exploit regulatory ‘grey areas’, cut corners and ‘make a quick buck’, quickly resulted in end users being ripped-off, brand reputations being tarnished and the whole integrity of the CBD industry coming into disrepute.

After an extensive investigation by the Canna Solutions directors, it became apparent that poor quality manufacturing practises and testing protocols were at the core of these issues.

This had to stop!!! Canna Solutions was born out of a necessity to raise the bar of quality CBD manufacturing and supply chain management available here in Europe.

Our philosophy is simple:

Deliver Outstanding Products & Services

We have established a culture of exceptional execution and reward those who create great outcomes.

Cultivate a Value-Based Compliance Culture

We work in synergy with regulators to ensure we are always performing well ahead of their expectations.

Create Successful Customers

Every decision we make is based on how well it serves our customers…if you are successful, then so are we.

Staying true to our objectives has seen us invest heavily in equipment, staff training, acquiring accreditations and implementing robust critical control points programmes across all our operations.

With a management team that has decades of experience working with global consumer good brands as well as being experts in cannabis regulation, GMP manufacturing, and supply chain management, we can offer a level of service that is unparalleled in the UK CBD space.

Whether you require retail-ready white label CBD products, bespoke contract manufacturing or a robust supply chain for specialist products, partner with us and we guarantee a strong and long-term relationship offering tailored solutions for the ever-changing demands of your business.

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