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At our UK based EU GMP certified facility, we specialise in manufacturing a range of bulk nicotine freebase dilute in different strengths, formulations and unit sizes.  

We apply GMP principles to mixing, batch records, storage, training, cleaning, hygiene, quality control, testing and packing processes.

Our formulation experts coupled with Quality Control, European Pharmacopeia (EP) Grade Nicotine and EP PG / VG  enables us to manufacture bulk nnictoine freebase to the highest standards in the UK.

All ingrdients are supplied with a full certification of analysis (CoA) and you’ll be safe in the knowledge the nicotone freebase we supply complies with all EU and UK government agency and TPD regulations. 

All regulatory documents are available to support TDP dossiers. 


With each order, as standard you will receive:
WHO GMP Cert for BGP Nicotine
GMP Certifciate of BGP
Specification of PG/VG showing EP Grade
Batch CoA of Nicotine Solution Plus more.  To find out prices and more information on how we can help your supply of nicotine, pleases send us your requirements today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Bulk Nicotine Concentrate Formulations: 

–  7.2% w/v (72mg/ml) Nicotine in PG 

– 7.2% w/v (72mg/ml) Nicotine in VG

– 10% w/v (100mg/ml) Nicotine in PG

-10% w/v (100mg/ml) Nicotine in VG

Unit sizes availble IBCs, 250kg, 20kg. 

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*MOQS 20kg per SKU