Private Label CBD Oils

We have a wide range of CBD oil tinctures with many flavours developed in our GMPc facility. Enhance your CBD oil supply chain today!

Take the spoils with our CBD Oils

We specialise in making retail ready CBD oils for businesses looking to enter the cannabis industry with ease.  Canna Solutions has developed a wide range of highly desirable full spectrum CBD oils in a range of delicious natural flavours.  

We have a proven track record of developing and manufacturing innovative private label CBD products that comply with all EU and UK government agency regulation. 


Not only do we manufacture high quality CBD oil products that our clients love, we also offer ongoing support and consultations. We ensure our clients achieve the best possible CBD sales, with a diverse product range all of which are sold to the public in a compliant manner. 

We can always be contacted by email or telephone and will be available for meetings at a time that best suits you.

Send us your requirements today and we’ll get back to you with our prices and product selection. 

With our extensive supply chains, GMPc facility and industry expertise, we offer bespoke CBD products suited for a range of industries and marketplaces. 

All Canna Solutions products are manufactured here in the UK at our GMPc, ISO-9001 and HACCP certified, state of the art facility. 

Meaning our clients can be safe in the knowledge that all CBD oil products we manufacture, will not only be of the highest quality, but also have full product traceability.

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*MOQS 1,000 units per SKU